Marketing and Public Relations

Goldstück loves niche-brands! We have met so many owners of small brands and know about the challenges in the beauty and lifestyle world that is still mainly dominated by big luxury corporations.

For niche-brands it is crucial to build their brands by showing presence, both online and offline in the classic media as well as in social media.

Goldstück-Founder Andrea Steiner started her professional career in 2000 working as a strategy consultant with ClusterConsulting in Barcelona (heute Oliver Wyman). The company at this time was totally dedicated to mobile telecom start-ups all over the world and to digital communication. Being a “digital citizen” from the first hour, Andrea has always been very interested  in online and social media.

Thanks to our extraordinary network we have been able to create measurements that allow small brands with very restricted budgets to show presence in the market and to build their brands.   You can find an overview of our clients here