Dizziak – Client of Goldstück PR Agency

Dizziak is the London-based skincare start-up founded by Loretta Di Meo because “she needed it” – with what felt like 5 different hair textures on her head, she was desperate to make healthy products that really worked, smelled good, looked good, felt good and were available in shops. She also wanted the brand to reflect her other passions – music, art and fashion – hence the eye-catching, special design of the packaging.
With a retailer network that reads like a who’s who of the UK beauty scene and an impressive award track list, Dizziak also launched in the German market in early summer 2022. In October 2022, it announced that it had won musician Dua Lipa as an investor.

Goldstück has been in charge of Dizziak’s PR activities in the German market since June 2022
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