Sustainability & CSR consulting for owner-led companies

The sustainability-question of companies and their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has long since ceased to be addressed only to large corporations.
Owner-managed companies, too, must answer the question of their sustainability behaviour quickly and precisely. There are still a few who are getting off to a bad start – what is sustainability, what is CRS, isn’t it terribly expensive, can we even afford it?

Do good and talk about it!
Many manufacturers of niche brands are already very sustainable, so it is often enough to examine the internal processes and summarise the results in a document.

Since 2007, Goldstück Agentur has been working with owner-managed companies in the fields of perfume, cosmetics, fashion, home accessories and furniture.
Sustainability has always played a major role in the selection of our customers and partners.
We are familiar with eco-certificates, ingredients, the demands of consumers on packaging and design. We also know how to communicate with customers and the press.

We bundle our many years of experience in attractive sustainability workshops for owner-managed companies

The workshops include

  • Introduction to the topic of sustainability
  • Analysis of the current situation in the company:
    • Examination of the internal processes with regard to product, suppliers, logistics, employees and communication
    • what have we already achieved, what can we do better
  • Setting realistic goals
    • what do we want to achieve, what do we need to achieve
    • Development of a 5-year plan
  • Cost analysis
    • what will it cost, how can we pay it
  • Communication of the sustainability achieved so far and future goals
    • Development of documents for websites, internal communication, PR portals
  • Regular review of the objectives set and progress made

The fees for our sustainability consulting and workshops are defined according to time and effort