Benamôr – former client of Goldstück PR- and Sales Agency

Benamôr was founded in 1925 in Lisbon by a pharmacist who created miraculous ointments at Campo Grande nº189. His handmade beauty recipes were based on natural ingredients and packaged in adorable art deco tubes. It was an instant hit! To name just a few, the famous and popular Benamôr créme de rosto -the miracle face cream- formulated in 1925 and unchanged up to now, the curiously named Petróleo (1st hair-loss treatment), the solar protector Bronzaline, lip sticks and rice powders, the luxurious Origan et Chypre cologne.

Adopted by all Lisbon Belles throughout the 20th century, including Queen Amélie herself who maintained her devotion to the brand her entire life, Benamôr remains today one of Portugal’s most beloved beauty brand.

Goldstück was in charge of Benamôr´s sales and PR in Germany and Austria from 2016 until September 2020